Chihoon Jung


Position: Ph.d. Candidate

Research Domain: Text Mining, Natural Language Processing, Argumentation Mining, Information Credibility, Opinion Mining, Recommendation Systems, Human-Computer Interaction, E-learning

Email: chihoon.jung[at]

Tools: Graph analysis, Random walk algorithms(e.g. PageRank), Time-series analysis. Machine Learning techniques. Natural Language Processing techniques.

Research interest

My research goal is to collect natural language information from the Web on a controversial topic, build a model to analyze their argumentation structure, and make decisions based on the developed model. The basic assumption is that the trustworthiness of a claim on a topic is embedded in the argumentation structure of the published Web documents. I am reconstructing the Web documents into argumentation structure utilizing lexical and semantic level statistics. The final goal is to analyze trustworthiness of rumors, factual and opinionated information based on the developed model.

Sukhwan(Raphael) Jung


Position: Ph.d. Candidate

Email: Raphael[at]

Research Interests: Evolving Network, Community detection, Knowledge Prediction


Seungwoo Choi

seungwoo-choiPosition: Ph.D Candidate

Research Interests: Knowledge Discovery, Hypothesis Generation, Knowledge Prediction

Email: sw.choi[at]


Lebogang Molefi


Position: Ph.d Candidate

Email: lebo.molefi[at]

Research Interests: Learning technologies, mLearning


Christine Balili


Position: Masters Student

Email: ccbalili[at]



Jung Hun Kim


Position: Masters Student

Email: junghunkim[at]

Research Interests: Generation of hypothesis in natural science.


Kalenzi Asio Evelyn Patra


Position: Masters Student

Email: blessedeve[at]

Research Interests: Machine Learning, Knowledge Prediction, Knowledge Representation, Expert systems, e-Government


Tuan Lai Manh


Position: Undergraduate Student

Email: laituan245[at]

Research Interests: Machine Learning, Data Mining



Jae Hwa Lee
Job: Citibank Korea
Email: tkod11[at]

Satria Hutomo Jihan
Job: Jatis
Email: satriahj[at]

Suhyun Chae
Email: chaesu[at]

Abhishek Kumar
Email: abhishek[at]